Sunday, 23 June 2013

Lee 3D at the AA Projects Review 2013

Use of 3D printing has changed so much over the past 6 or 7 years at the Architectural Association. Back in 2006 there were just a handful of students presenting 3D prints at the AA and few if any at other colleges. These pioneer models were 3D printed at Cadventure where I was then forming the fledgling 3D print bureau. In the following years 3D printing snowballed at the AA and each year since has seen a seasonal rush of architectural students phoning around desperately looking for someone to print their models. 

In the following years,under the guidance of Jereon van Ameijde, the AA bought first one then two ZPrinters. The presence of in-house 3D printers at the AA and many other architectural colleges, provided a supply of 3D print skilled students to the profession and this has been one of the major driving forces that has enabled 3D printing to flourish, especially in London architectural practices.

Fast forward to 2013 and Lee 3D launched just in time to 3D print some great models for this years AA summer show. Nowadays 3D printing is taken for granted and you are much more likely to find 3D prints used as just another tool with parts integrated with other media. Here are a couple of images of some models that we snapped on the opening night.

Models 3D printed by Yiming Huang and Jon Wong at Lee 3D 2013.

AA Projects review will be open to the public until 9th July

Colour 3D Print Pioneers at the AA
Stand out students in 2007 featuring Max von Werz who was one of the very first AA students to use colour 3D printing.

Stand out students in 2008 featuring Adam Furman who was the most prolific and radical of AA AA students in the exploration of colour 3D printing.

Visit the Lee 3D website for more information on colour 3D printing.