Tuesday, 10 October 2017

A Pigeon At Work

As colour 3D printing specialists we have always taken an interest in data creation. We began to try out low-cost, hand held 3D scanners to see what kind of results we could achieve. We were really impressed by the results produced using photogrammetry. This led to the pigeon model that we created in 2016.

Software model created using Agisoft PhotoScan
Prepared for printing in Materialise Magics
Printed on 3D Systems Project 660
Film Credits:
Film production: Lucy Lee at Instinct Media - www.instinctmedia.co.uk
Sound by Louise Brown at Sync Sounds

We found that photogrammetry needs to be done in a disciplined way. With good planning and good photographs we were able to get a usable result. It really helps having the colour information to make sense of the lumps and bumps in the geometry. 

Below are some of images of models created from the original file. 

3D printed pigeons - cast photo

3D printed pigeons - family portrait

3D printed pigeons - crowd scene

To find out more about colour 3D printing please visit www.lee3d.co.uk

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