Monday, 15 February 2016

Digital Craft - Press Release


George Lee
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Elevating 3D Print to a Digital Craft
As a global centre for architectural practice, London has a thriving community engaged in 3D printing models for architecture. Bryan Ratzlaff settled in London just as 3D printing was coming to the public’s attention. Five years in and immersed in both 3D printing and architecture, Bryan has written a book (Digital Craft) that will help architects and modelmakers make sense of and begin to master this rapidly evolving medium.

“Bryan’s book has come at a key moment. Everyone has been independently trying things out but little research has been shared.” said George Lee, director of Lee 3D. “Now with this book, the whole industry gets a chance to evaluate the process and then we can begin to raise 3D printed models to another level.”

Digital Craft positions 3D printing in the tradition of architectural modelmaking. Examining the relationship between the architect, the model and the 3D printer. Combining convention with emerging stylistic forms, the book recognises and presents techniques for a new mode of craftsmanship. A digital craft that goes beyond the casual printout and aspires to the fully designed 3D printed object.

The research was based on interviews with leading professionals and illustrated throughout with photographs of real projects. The resulting book is not founded on fanciful claims, but rather on solid industry experience. Digital Craft places responsibility for the look and style of the 3D printed model firmly in the realm of the architect.

© Steffian Bradley Architects,
University College London Hospitals, phase 5

© SPPARC Architecture,
The Music Box

© Lee 3D Ltd
1:100 colour facade study

About the Book
Digital Craft: 3D Printing for Architectural Design
 is published in printed book form in February 2016.

About the Author
Bryan Ratzlaff is a Canadian architectural designer working in London with five years’ experience in 3D printing for architects. Bryan has a Master of Architecture degree from University of Westminster (RIBA Part II).
About the Publisher
Published by Lee 3D Ltd, a specialist 3D print bureau focussed mainly on the AEC sector.

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