Thursday, 20 February 2014

3D printing - its all about the service

It is a common mistake with 3D printing to get distracted by the technology and pay too little attention to the process and the outcome.

The mechanised action of the 3D printing process is a very simple one. The human processes of converting a 3D software model to a physical model using a 3D printer is a more complex process. The principle is straightforward but there are many ways for a simple job to go wrong.

Our True Value
Our job as 3D print service providers is to protect the customer from the many opportunities for human error that exist along the path from digital to physical model. Errors in files, unrealistic print geometries, inappropriate materials, failed builds, poorly printed parts, broken parts, parts that arrive late, incorrectly sized and scaled and a whole bunch of other things that can go wrong along the way. Knowledge gained from years of experience doing this single operation over and over again is what the customer is really paying for when they commission work from Lee 3D's service bureau. 

Success Through Service
As a small company, we are keenly aware that helping our clients to be successful in the long run ensures our success. As a service company repeat customers are an affirmation of our success. Enough said.

Understanding Customers 
As we have entrenched architectural backgrounds at Lee 3D, we really do appreciate the time it takes to get design work done and out the door.  So when the client calls a meeting at almost no notice with their overworked architect, we are ready to pull out all the stops to get a model on the table for the meeting.

Incremental Improvements
When you think you know what you are doing it can be easy to get stuck in the same old way of doing things.  Keeping an open mind and being willing to take risks allows those incremental improvements.  And owning the business certainly sharpens the instinct to innovate. 

And the award goes to...

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